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Her Idea Of A Macho Man

I’m not into color, height and looks; she said.
Neither that in fame and action, heavens forbid.
Nor in riches and so hunky if I may call.
But he who got principle: he
who could carry me if I fall,
who could wipe my tears if I lost control,
who could bring a smile even in a moonless poll,
who could bring our kids hand-in-hand with pride,
who could prove his love in action not in brawl,
who does a chore happily as duty to ensure.

And walks through the path of being humble.
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Daneen Bernice Buzon 18 January 2010

Hi Sir Eslit. Good evening. I'm one of your student in the Lit-1 class, Daneen Bernice Buzon. Thank you for sharing your poems sir. This one strucked me the most. The title itself speaks.

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Desiree Violanda 09 March 2008

Hi sir, I’m from msh-cmafi sec. A. I am immediately hooked by this poem because it has the complete description of my perfect men. Looks does matter to me but I am more on what he would like to do to me just to make me happy.

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