Her Rainbow Poem by Lost Sierra

Her Rainbow

Rating: 5.0

The tears finally stop falling
vanishing leaving a rainbow in their place.
Leaving it to glisten in precious light.

Red for the frustration that wants to erupt like lava
The anger that causes that heart wrenching pain
The thought of love and the pure red rose.

Orange for the days she is overwhelmed.
Orange for the days she is not mentally present.
Orange to tell her she is still alive.

Yellow for her smile that shines like the sun
To remind her of all the smiles that lit up her life.

Green is there to make her feel like a little kid again.
It is there to remind her to have fun and always care.

Blue is ever tear that falls from her hazel eyes.
For her spontaneous depression
For all the dreams she use to have and all the thoughts she still has.

Indigo there for the little patients she has left
Indigo is there to please her.
What a hard job indigo has.

Violet is there to calm her worries.
There to take her to the place she really wants to be.
Violet is the little hope she has left.

What beautiful colors with such meaning.
Sadly, she creates a rainbow too often.

Greenwolfe 1962 30 July 2008

This was imaginative and delightful. Creativity is to be rewarded. This was a fine piece. Not only worthy of reading, but it does contain elements that may be remembered. Therefore, I gave it a rare 10. Congratulations. GW62

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