Here's To Poem by Erin Cowart

Here's To

Here's to the Gods of dirt roads and country lanes
To porch lights, sun downs
And the smell of the rain

Here's to the Gods of pale moon light
Electric breezes
The grass between my toes
And midnight drives with the windows down

Here's to the Gods of stupid things
Boys we loved
Clothes we wore
Drinks we drank
And the weight of lingering expectations

Long live the Gods of laughter and music
The slow burn
Deep cackle
The dance in the grass that never ends

Here's to the Gods of brown eyed boys
Those we loved
Those we love
And those we have yet to love

Here's to the Gods of Life and Death
The hospital bed
The first cry
The hospital bed
The last gasping breath
And all the little livings and dyings in between

Here's to the Gods of the old and the new
The way you tasted when you kissed me
The empty pillow beside me now
The immensity of the night without you in it

Here's to the Gods far and wide
The ups, the downs
Bads and goods
Gives and takes
May you forever reign
In hell
In heaven
As above
So below

Monday, June 22, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life and death
Erin Cowart

Erin Cowart

Gainesville, FL
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