Hero. Poem by Bryan Sefton


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You, who killed the innocent
Who froze the heart to do the deed
Who made yourself the instrument
To bring a nation to its knees
Contemplate your own position
When you cut yourself in two
Meditate on your decision
Which half do you keep of you?
Is it the hero of the cause
Or the cur who hid the bomb?
Where little children came to walk
Then sought the safety of his home?
Did you stand in the firing line
And dare the bullet to your space
Or did you shoot him from behind
A mask to hide your hero's face
Did you stand in bright sunlight
And scream defiance to the world
Or did you creep in quiet of night
To kill the man, the boy, the girl?
Did you ask for yourself the right
To tell the world your point of view
Then kill another man that night
Who thought the opposite of you?
When all of this is in the past
And you have found your Holy Grail
When you stand before the crowd
Will you tell your Hero's tale?

Sunday, June 28, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: heroes
Mahtab Bangalee 28 June 2020

Beautiful poetic meaningful expression about HERO.......deserve 10++ Yes, they are the real heroes Just not like those machines In the name of defending the country killing peoples Does not obey orders of hypocrite politician Rather through the consideration of conscience and intellect Find solutions for the welfare of all humanity.......

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