Alyssa Wanii

Hey’s And Good-Bye’s - Poem by Alyssa Wanii

It started with a “Hey” and a smile
and blossomed into...
passing notes, talking on the phone for hours, speaking in code and calling each other code names and much more.
As it went on it grew and stopped for awhile, then started to grow again...
But as you got deeper into your personal relationship, a relationship I could not speak from experience, our relationship stopped for awhile.
But we kept it strong and as more things happened to you, I would listen to what you had to say as you poured them out like water pouring out from the faset. Creating a plan to keep your relationship strong, I did as you asked of me. But because of other’s curiosity, rumors spread and then reached you.
As we tried to work things out, more drama was created, and in the end there was nothing else me or you could do to help the relationship work out. So now I understand even more than I had before in my last poem, and hopfully when my time comes I will understand even better than before, but for now I get it.
And now as I end this poem I say “Good-Bye” back to you and wave, hoping that he’ll be all you wanted and more. And that I was all that I could do and be for you, hopefully what I have given you then in words and in speech will help you in the future when I’m not around and HE is. So now it ended with a “Good-Bye” and tears down my face.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 7, 2008

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