Hide And Seek Poem by Nadia Gray

Hide And Seek

I know you're here.
Don't try to hide it.
I can hear your breath, your cries...

Don't act like you are unaware
That I'm a step ahead.
You're not the first to threaten my life.

You can't catch me.
You can't trick me.
You know I'm smarter
than you.

You can't defeat me.
You can't control me.
Because I know your weary
And I smell fear in the air.

So come out, come out,
Wherever you are.
Let's play a little game.

A little game of hide and seek
Where I will get you,
before you even try to.

Please join me stranger
In a game of cat and mouse.
Try and prove your worth.

Calm your soul.
Run and hide well.
Even though I will find you.
And gorge on your soul.

Don't try to evade me
And don't be so shocked when I win.
Because you can't beat me at my own game.

I hear you.
I feel you.
I saw you.
I'll taste you.

So watch me.
And fear me.
Or save me.
And need me.

For a demon knows not of mercy.
And a demon I've become.
Satiate my lust for blood.
Or save me from myself.

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