Prejudice And Pain Poem by Nadia Gray

Prejudice And Pain

When you look into my eyes, would you believe I cried at night?
When you see me walk the halls, do you take the time to see if I'm all right?

Often you answer no, because in your eyes, I am just there.
You never seemed to see my tears or you simply didn't care.

But, what if one day you awoke from your rest,
And you realized I wasn't around?
What if you could never find me ever again?
What if I was killed by the tears in which I was bound?

Only then would I get the recognition I deserve right now?
Only then would I feel the love that is rightfully mine?

What does it take for someone to care?
Perhaps bright blue eyes and long golden hair.

Instead I am cursed with my tragic blood.
Thick black waves and eyes of ash.
Forever more rejected.
For my veins are filled with mud.

Minority is seen in my kind.
Perhaps it may be true.
But I am sure as hell you wouldn't agree
If you were I and I were you.

You ever been rejected for your color?
What about your label?
Prejudice is everywhere
Making me unable

To find my way to where I belong.
I cry now in the rain.
My fallen tears mean nothing to me.
My attempts were all in vain.

I never really wanted to fit in.
I never wanted to be above you all.
I just wanted to be respected.
I didn't need to bawl

Because my only pride is my only curse.
It runs through the family.
But what is a girl like me to do?
All I want is to live happily...

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