Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

(28 May 1883 - 26 February 1966 / Bhagur, Maharashtra / India)

Hindunrusimha - Poem by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

Hail! O, You of Glowing Splendour, Might of the Hindus!
Hail! O, You of Divine Brilliance, by Hindu penance blessed!
Hail! O You Gem of Prosperous Hindu Destiny,
Hail! O God-like Shivajiraja, Hindu-Nrusimha Incarnate!
This Hindu nation bows to you,
Heart and soul, we applaud you,
With sandalwood paste of our devotion, we anoint you-
Who fulfilled our unspoken yearnings!
Hail! O God-like Shivajiraja, Hindu-Nrusimha Incarnate!
Every fort rampart is in ruins-today.
Jayadurga is drenched in tears-today
Rusted once more is the blade of the Bhavani,
What wonder then, she withdraws her aid.
Every fort and coastal stronghold-wrecked!
Every capital city-wilderness!
Our fortune, in the coil of Foreigners-enslaved!
O shame, to be living in these ignominious times!
Hail! O God-like Shivajiraja, Hindu-Nrusimha Incarnate!
Your Purity of heart, so acclaimed by Sant Ramdas,
Your intellect, that routed the five enemy Shahi Kingdoms,
Your strategy, that destroyed villains,
Your strength, that vanquished a power-crazed Tyrant-
May that purity of purpose sustain!
May our simple souls that intelligence obtain!
May such strength flow in our blood,
May Sant Ramdas bless us with your mantra again!
Hail! O God-like Shivajiraja, Hindu-Nrusimha Incarnate!

[Translated by Anurupa Cinar]

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