Vinayak Damodar Savarkar Poems

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Hail To You!

Victory to you, O Most Auspicious One, O Abode of Sublimity and Eternal Delight! O Goddess of Freedom, O Triumphant One, We salute you!
O Embodiment of our National Life-Force, O Goddess of Freedom, Of Virtue and Prosperity Supreme Queen you are!

Allow Me To See My God

To see my God in his temple
Allow me, I beseech.
Let my eyes have their fill of Him
Please, O please.

To Mother India

O Mother! How did these Foreign Devils invade your home?
Was it, perhaps, not an invasion at first?
But, ‘twere I who welcomed them in!
Alas! When strength I had, how virtuous was I

My Final Testament

The moon in the summer-night is smiling in the sky
The Snow-white stars are brightly shining too
The flowers in the garden of my home blossom
As the children water them in the evening ll 1 ll

Alas! Our Country Is Doomed To Hell!

Alas! Our Country is doomed to hell,
The Freedom Mansion is up in flames!
Fie! Helplessly you gaped,
When came a Horde of Foreigners

That Beautiful Hind

Hind, Our Beautiful Motherland!
Brought to life all the Great Ones she did-

Hindusthan Our Motherland

Hindusthan, our very own Motherland!
To us Hindus she is everything,
Our life and our very soul.

Pratidnya Ghya

Take! Do take the oath, O Youths,
An oath to die for your Country, do take!
Ah! How rest you with such ease?
Do not you feel pangs of torment?


Hail! O, You of Glowing Splendour, Might of the Hindus!
Hail! O, You of Divine Brilliance, by Hindu penance blessed!
Hail! O You Gem of Prosperous Hindu Destiny,
Hail! O God-like Shivajiraja, Hindu-Nrusimha Incarnate!

Go Fight

Fight! Does the pitiful plight of our people
Not rend your heart in torment?
O Youth! Pound not in you hot, young, blood-
Blood more fiery than lightening?

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