His Only Son! Poem by Denis Martindale

His Only Son!

While Abraham's most famous now, and loved by God as well,
God put him to the test... and how, all doubting to dispel.
God spoke the word, that most would hate, 'Go, sacrifice your son! '
Would Abraham avoid this fate, or would God's will get done?
Amazingly, the choice was made, a mix of fear... and faith,
Since Abraham was sore afraid, yet then chose to be brave.
To give up what was held most dear, that's all this man must do,
And God watched as the day drew near, and every angel, too.
The deadly outcome was at hand, and seemed with no way out,
Except complete what God had planned, to bring this death about.

A trembling man, a trembling son, yet Abraham was spared,
'Hold back your hand! This won't get done! ' God's mercy then declared.
The test was over... faith was shown, that couldn't be denied,
Within God's Scriptures, thus made known, how true faith must abide.

Yes, Abraham survived this trial, but our God couldn't do the same,
His only Son walked the second mile, crucified to bear our shame...

Denis Martindale, the 8th of May 2023.

The Gospel poem tells the story of the faith of Abraham
and this has been portrayed in the film His Only Son.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: sacrifice
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