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Hitler Story Of Terror - Poem by Sherif Monem

Adolf Hitler his name brings horror
An evil icon of the twentieth century
He was the ruler of Germany
Risen at times of anarchy and intrigue
He caused great wars and tragedies
Lot of killings, mayhem and devastation
Germany was strong industrial base
Excelled and became superpower
Hitler intent was to conquer
He invaded peaceful nations
Poland a close neighbor was a victim
Poland territory was seized
Britain and France soon reacted
They gave Hitler an ultimatum
Get out in 24 hours or we will declare war
Hitler was in a mess
He relied on his foreign minister advice
Britain and France will stay aside
They are weak and will not dare
How foolish and fool he was?
Hitler ignored and acted stubbornly
Day after the spark of WW II was ignited
Britain and France declared war on Germany
Events followed in succession and in hurry
One country after another was invaded
Alas, the mighty German armies seeking victories
They marched through Europe conquering
Some countries resisted the aggression
Some countries quickly surrendered
Hitler had no limits to satisfy his war appetite
Hitler attacked the Soviet Union
He thought it was easy fish to swallow
Years passed and many battles were fought
Millions of people were killed through Europe
Homes, villages, towns and cities were burned
Flames of fires went higher and higher
Hitler did not flinch
Hitler did not care
He detested humanity
Things at last turned around
His armies were defeated at the eastern front
Million and more of his army were captured
The Soviet Union gave them blow after blow
They German army lost battle after battle
They started retreating back home
The Americans got involved directly
At the shores of Normandy the allied troops landed
Nazi Germany total defeat was near
In May 1945 it was all over
The city of Berlin stood in ruins and soon captured
Hitler had no place to run
He contemplated suicide
He shot himself with a pistol in his head
Eva Braun the faithful female companion
A day after their one night short marriage
She ended her life with cyanide capsule
Their corpses were set in flames and burned
In the grounds of the chancellery were buried
A dark chapter of humanity have ended
Another page of agonizing human history written
Hitler life remains cloaked by endless inquiries
Once loved by his people and admired
Now he became a curse to remember
For the world an evil monster

Topic(s) of this poem: germany, wars, world

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, July 9, 2009

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