Holding Onto You Forever Poem by Larry Perry Sr

Holding Onto You Forever

It comes a time in a man's life that he wants and needs someone he can hold tight onto in the day and all through the night

Why should I fight the feelings when all alone in my mind and heart I knew that it was you that I needed and wanted in my life

I holds you in my mind every day and night imagining your head on my chest as we lay and rest and take a deep breath after the sweet loving we just made

Holding Onto You Forever is all I want to do but baby if you only knew that my intentions are true for you

Just maybe you will see it too that I need and want to stick onto you forever like glue

I just pray that is not too late for me to show you the way to my heart and soul so you can feel and see what I feel and see in you

How you make it easy for my body mind and soul to lose all control from your love

Holding Onto You Forever is all I want to do so just keep giving me the chance to prove my love is real cause baby you give me such a thrill

I love Holding Onto You today tonight and forever so will you please become my wife

Larry Perry, Sr.

Holding Onto You Forever
Saturday, May 12, 2018
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