Love Is A Mystery Poem by Larry Perry Sr

Love Is A Mystery

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Love Is A Mystery

Love can be seen love can be unseen blind love can be kind love can be mean

Love can be for me love can be for you too

Is love true or is love false for those who don't know and for those who knew but lost it alone the way

Some looks for love some waits to be found by love to come their way

How do you know what love is if you've never been in love before

Love is a mystery for one to find deep inside their mind body and soul

After all has been told said and done but can't be sold or bought for any price is what makes a real love just right which is twice as nice when shared by the two of us as one

Love can be on the outside love can be on the inside

You decide whether you choose the love on the outside a love that will not last for long by your side or the love on the inside that will last for a lifetime by your side and want be denied in the heart and in the mind

Love is a mystery for better or for worse no matter what life brings along the way

Do you stay or do you leave when love isn't there and love had faded away

There is no way that love is fare for many they say some ware thair love on their sleeves don't judge for it just might happen to you

For no rhyme or reason love is not an guarantee for one to say I love you if you really don't

Love can make you happy love can make you sad

Love can make you glad love can make you mad

Love can make you strong and build you up to the sky love can make you weak and tear you down to the ground you are at you weakest when you have no one around too love

Love is a mystery for man love is a mystery for woman

Love is a four letter word love is a word that needs to be felt and heard

Love is a mystery for the old love is mystery for the young

Love can make you new love can make you blue love can be just for you love can be just for me too

Love can be soft in the daylight love can be hard in the dark of night

This mystery of love that we all which we had why is it such a mystery to be

Love can be in fast motion love can be in slow motion that flows like the waves of the ocean

Love can make by the ocean sea shore on the soft warm sand love can be made in the wet water's love can be made on dry land

In or out of bed love can be made there are many ways which love can made

Love can to made with the clothes on love be made with clothes off there's no special way which love can be made

As sure as roses are red and violets are blue love should always be a guaranteed that love will always be true

Love should be true as the skies are blue for love will be no mystery for me or for you

Love is a mystery love will always be a mystery for some to see and for others love has just begun because they believe in true love to be

Larry Perry, Sr.

Love Is A Mystery
Sunday, May 13, 2018
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Akhtar Jawad 04 June 2018

Love is a mystery love will always be a mystery... A thoughtful poem on love.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 May 2018

Love is a mystery love will always be a mystery for some to see and for others love has just begun because they believe in true love to true. Touching expression. Beautiful poem shared.

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Larry Perry Sr 14 May 2018

Thank you so very much. I appreciate you reading may God continue to bless you and yours

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