Holes Poem by Rosa Linger


Sometimes I just don't understand
Why I'm at my own command
I push and shove and shout and sway
Only to end up outside the fray.

The questions nibbling at my mind
Keep foraging, the Truth to find.

The fray is normal, everyday,
Nothin' different, the common Jane.
Seeking no more than her own life and shade
Everytime jaded and down her heart laid.

There's a hole! There's a hole! There's a...
The harvest is growing, more hay to bind.

What now? What? Downhearted again?
Why aren't you always on top with no rain?
It never works, does it - kicking yourself?
You always end up feeling put back on the shelf.

There's always been hope, an open door there
Through which I see people, seeming to have not a care.
How did they do it? What did they do?
To live so consistent, life fresh and life new?

The holes are still there, we're falling behind
The whole world is dying, it will someday unwind.

Wait! There's no bound'ry! So why can't I get
Past the place that I want to forgive and forget?
So what is it now that is holding me back
From what I well know are the things that I lack?

People fill these holes and if we are kind
We must bring Jesus to them, sweet life to find.

It's love and it's joy and it's peace and it's good
These I lack in full measure but God said He would
Fill me up to the brim with His Spirit and life
In Christ I now live through both trials and strife.

Christ to more fellowmen, if I will mind
Their grief-marked faces and make them now with joy lined
I'm not at my own command, I am God's pride.
My purpose is Christ and to bring others Inside.

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