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Brown And Yellow

What shows confusion?
A swirling mass of colors
Of thoughts and dreams
Of whys and what ifs
What creates a question
Of what's truly underneath?
Where is the honest heart of this color?

BROWN shows confusion
A dizzying puddle
Where everything's going
Yet nothing stands out.
BROWN creates a question
Of the future, past and present
Where is the honest heart of this girl?

Yet what is life without change and faith?
What is life without hope?
Hope, the color of the sun,
Sun, that shines on the murkiest puddle,
Puddles, out of ...

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Of Puzzles And Treasures

Life starts now
Each breath begins something new
A fresh opportunity, like a match struck in the dark
It heaves eagerly.

Take it, hold it high
Eyes everywhere divert to light
You have it, don't waste it, share it
Share your Life.