Holiday Thanksgiving Poem by Clinton Siegle

Holiday Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you
a happy day to you
people, please be nice to me, and you,
please be at peace the inward you

you need to be satisfied appreciated
Thanksgiving is coming appreciatively
happy thanks giving day thankfully
a day to remember the past gratefully with thanks

need a remember to be appreciative that day
kind of peaceful day
seriously, a restful wonderful Day
day to be remembered to be grateful today

all you could be someone else nowadays
you could have lost your meaning to be thankful for today.

Acrostic left side Happy Thanks day, sonnet non classical.

This is a true story. My cousins were mean to me. They would tell stories about the haunted places of North Dakota. Each creeper than the last one.

This story is the one they told me while inviting me to my first goose hunt. We were the young kids, so we got to place the decoys in the field. While doing this, they pointed out a house and told me about how the owner had been eaten by a pig.

After which the new owners came into ownership of the place the pig would materialize and haunt them. It was pretty good because we could hear the pigs squealing from the field where we were at placing the decoys.

Any ways, the older cousins bagged three geese the limit at that time and placed them into the van. We all got in and waited for it to warm up because it was extremely cold. There were four adults and us three kids along with a dog warming up.

Driving home the road had some ice, which made it slippery and at times dangerous. By which point one of the geese arose from the dead in a garbage bag. Now the two cousins who had been trying to scare me went nuts along with the hunting dog. The goose just started to fly within the van causing all kinds of panic at which point the van had slid across the road, and the four adults had to take the goose and dog out of the car. I can remember saying hey are you sure it was a pig not a goose to my cousins who only sat there for a moment with their mouths open.

Anyway, the uncle who chopped the gooses head off earned an extra experience with that goose. For Thanksgiving, we were eating it, when he bit down and lost a cap from a tooth to a piece of shot which had not been removed. The haunting of the Thanksgiving turkey.
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