Holocaust Poem by Barbara Sonek


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We played, we laughed
we were loved.
We were ripped from the arms of our
parents and thrown into the fire.
We were nothing more than children.
We had a future. We were going to be lawyers, rabbis, wives, teachers, mothers. We had dreams, then we had no hope. We were taken away in the dead of night like cattle in cars, no air to breathe smothering, crying, starving, dying. Separated from the world to be no more. From the ashes, hear our plea. This atrocity to mankind can not happen again. Remember us, for we were the children whose dreams and lives were stolen away.

Fabrizio Frosini 11 February 2015

A beautiful poem.. A poem to remember her by. A poem not to forget what Holocaust has been..

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someone 06 December 2017

no stop okay fabrizio froshini

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Ah_that_was_nice_ 23 January 2018

I love the nazi’s

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Colin Jeffery 01 November 2017

Heart-breaking - - inspired to keep the memories alive showing the worst depths of Nazi rule.

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Keep my secret ?? 23 January 2018

I love

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PAIGE 30 October 2019

Beautiful and sad poem. People really don't understand the real harshness of the never-to-be-forgotten Holocaust.

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ANONYMOUS 14 September 2019

Well written.5 stars.

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Kelly 10 August 2019

Does anyone know when this poem was written? thank u!

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Elizabeth 17 January 2019

this poem only partially describes the pain and terror that the nazis caused. Nazis are evil beings that have no sympathy.

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Manny Victoria 01 March 2018

this is so bad and no more nazis lovers

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