MoonBee Canady

' Holy Power... ' - Poem by MoonBee Canady

(Matt.12: 32 / Acts 1: 8 / 2 Cor.4: 7)
(Acts 5: 35,38,39 / Mark 3: 29 / Matt.13: 10–15)

When Holy Spirit Rains
Something Wonderful Happens …
I Commence To Cry Out
In Hallelujah Anthems!

That Moment
In Time …
Becomes A
Sanctioned Shrine
of Sacred Mercy
& Miracle Power Divine!

As JAH Is My Very Own
Mountain Fortress
I Am Safe & Surrounded
By Angel–Army–Forces! …

& Their High-Wind-Wings
& Blazing Torches
Like Swift Rivers Rush
& Blood In Veins Courses …

& Thunder–Sounds
& Ocean-Echo Voices
& The Neighing of Approaching
Marching Cloud Horses …

& Trumpets’ Triumphant
Bellows Out–Choruses …
When Holy Spirit Blesses
& Endorses …

None Can Touch Us
Nor Shame, Nor Harm
and Hate Cannot Hush Us
In Any Weapons Formed
(Isa.54: 17)

… Oh, Human Flesh May Be Finished
and Me … Foes May Kill …
But They Cannot Break Thru
The Bulwark of GOD’s Will
& JAH’s Spirit–Sent Shield!
(Ps.84: 11)

The Power Beyond What Is Normal
(2 Cor.4: 7)
Beyond Supernatural
This Power Sent Formal or Informal
Is Actual & Factual …

It Is A Power Beyond
Beyond All Mankind’s
Combined–Intellectual …

This Holy Power Is:
Holy Power Is Unbeatable
and Unforgettable …

Christ Sends It Via Prayer
& Praise In Christian–Central! …
(John 14: 14–17,26 / Acts 1: 8)
and If Experienced
It’s Nigh Indescribable! …
(2 Cor.12: 1–10)

But Shown In Solutions
& Street To Salvation
It Can Conquer Any Threat
& Every Temptation …

It Shone As A Dove & Love (Matt.3: 16,17)
In JAH’s Supreme Sacrifice …
Now Sent Thru HIS Son’s Name
(say it) … King JESUS CHRIST!

So, I Not Only Survive
I Tremendously Thrive!
In GOD’s Great Love
… I’m Soul–Alive!

This Testament Is Both
Truth & Sublime
Set In The Corridors
& Chronicles For All Time

And I Do Not Revel
In Prophetic Enemies’ Deaths
(Acts 7: 51,52 / Mark 3: 29)
(Acts 5: 35,38,39)
But I Do Rejoice
Because My JAH … Never Left!

& When Holy Spirit Rains
Something Wonderful Happens …
I Commence To Cry Out
In Hallelujah Anthems!

Written & ©: 1/14/2012

By: The MoonBee

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