Homosapiens We All Are

UN-evolved Homo sapiens a maggot amongst the crowd
A corpse half-life scurry in beneath the fleshy mound
An angel falling away from a once foretold pilgrimage
Knocked off unwillingly pulled down from a now so distant cloud
They say Lucifer when he was thrown away
Discarded stamped given a label dysfunctional a reject throw it away
From the heavens he pummeled straight through the ground
Conscionable thrashing through the surface
To rest in the center of the core
A star plummeting from the sky
Through the soil that holds your feet
Straight balancing your figured weight Satan never howls
No matter how hard you try to simplify the outcome
Everything filters through the palms of these
Desperate hands grasping piles of sand
Your fault an your fault alone
Ignoring the only reaching helping hand
Panic that's all that's left
Loving the things that laws have passed to ban
At the end of it all on the losing side
Runner up in the game we call kick the can
I looked surprised till the point of no return
Splat! ! face first into a followed whisper
Heard leading to a dead end no where to turn
Face to the curb..face to the curb
Accept smile an recieve the nightmares
Your dreams breeding unforeseen beatings