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Hope Will Be Tomorrow

The same images of death Are still hovering over our heads Here and there, By day and by night, Anywhere and everywhere, and With or without any mercy... Death is a big headline is still Activating more and more victims In the realm of the wasteland... A lot of innocent people got perished In hundreds of thousands, A lot of injured souls are still Counting hopelessly and endlessly... Millions of innocent kids, women, and Men got displaced in a humiliating way... There is still no hope for anything that Can stop that ongoing genocide anytime... A lot of sufferings and pains are increasing Step by step everyday... Everything got leveled to the ground including Our hopes anywhere and everywhere... Our world itself is the biggest monster That either looks with one eye or without eyes... No one cares about us even our closer relatives or Those next door neighbors... Everyone has left us alone for the unknown, but We still have our Great Lord... We only have our Great Lord... There is the Pretty God Who knows our situation very well... Tomorrow there will be a new day... ______________________________________________________________________

Monday, March 16, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: hope