Hopeless Human Beings Due To Misgivings Poem by Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman

Hopeless Human Beings Due To Misgivings


What is fame if I deeply muse
It is nothing but known to all
May be money also is added
And newspapers quote the name

Magazines and journals write
About one's likes and dislikes
If a famous man utters a nonsense
All analyze it very seriously

I may behave like a real fool
And all will clap with great joy
If I just catch a cold and cough
The entire World will sympathize

If I foolishly make a statement
That will be respectfully taken
Assuming me to be highly famous
I continue to make observations

If I possess financial clout
All will dance around me
To appreciate my dance
Though I resemble an ape

If I have strong political power
There will be a huge crowd
Around me to severely eulogize
My monkey face will be lauded

In case I am a great matinee idol
Even if I am at the age of sixty
All will call me the sexiest figure
My baldness will be ignored

If I just come in a small TV show
There will be a massive gathering
To adore me like useless mules
And I will be given great respect

The morals have hit the lowest point
All chase money, fame and name
None has the time to reap mirth
I am unable to see a cheerful face

All look tired, dejected and devastated
Both men and women are greatly confused
There is a chaos in every one's looks
All are chasing something that is a mirage

This must be realized by every individual
Only human beings and dogs are upset
May be dogs are loyal servants of mankind
And man's tension has reached them also

O- Human beings- Now at least change
Live a life of joy and peace and mercy
Love all with deep concern in heart
Then Heaven will grow inside you.

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