How Freedom Is Played! (Poem) Poem by Dave Tanguay

How Freedom Is Played! (Poem)

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We march into war with the goal - of peace.
We are told we fight for freedom - and our right to believe.
However my neighbor, also has his perverted right to fleece
To take advantage of the week, this is his sole - belief.

Is freedom, but to do as we please - and satisfy only, - our own Selfish needs?
To boast of material success, our ego - glowing in the dark.
The tasks we achieve through the years, often misleads -
And our neighbors view our lives - with a big question mark (?)

However I need not be informed why I feel, - this pain in my heart-
For within lies the love, and my reason - to be- a part.
My neighbor’s financial prosperity, may retain his good health
I wish him no harm, only pray - I could bestow within him, - my own New found wealth.

For we need not war, to show us how freedom is made
What we need is love, - to show us how freedom is played.
Freedom is not - but to do as we please
But rather to please others, - because of what we achieve.


Melvina Germain 14 October 2006

Freedom! oh, just to have total freedom would be a true blessing. I love this poem Dave. Thankyou----Melvina----

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Ruby Root 04 September 2006

Hi Dave, I guess freedom means something different for each of us and has nothing to do with how much money. Freedom of speech, freedom to love, and freedom not to have to fight in some crazy war. Losing senseless lives. It is sad out there Dave. Really sad. Take care.

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Dave Tanguay

Dave Tanguay

Westbrook, maine
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