How I Met Him Poem by Tracee Olga

How I Met Him

Rating: 4.0

Our hands clashed picking grocery
It the last on the trolley
We both smiled
Have it, no you have it,
A gentleman he let me have it eagerly
With a wave, he pushed his trolley down the alley
I watched him go a girly smile on my face

So I hit my head hard on metal
Not going for checkup suicidal
So my dad said legs on the pedals
I hoped on eyes on the ground passing pedals
Head spinning in a way that felt fatal
But the doctor was young and cute
In no time I was feeling better
Not sure if it’s the treatment or the doctors looks
I still smile when I remember his smile

The sermon was so touchy
Though am not someone catchy
A tear or two fell on my cheeks
Two pews adjacent he gazed, his eyes flashy
Two piece suit, hmm! Classy!
Our eyes met again and again
At last we both smiled
Then the sermon ended, off everybody went

Pretty annoying at first
His fury building up fast
Everybody got him, leaving me last
To understand his angry nature
One time though, he smiled my way
And it went on everyday
Before I knew it he asked to stay
Both as a boss and a friend
And my heart said hurray

But then I opened my eyes
And kaching’ back to life
Then it hit me harder than I thought
He was not there, never was
Probably never will be
Because he was just in my dream
All in my head, that’s all he was
Just a dream!

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: romantic
Khairul Ahsan 17 April 2014

A wonderful poem. Doesn't seem to be just a dream.

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Tracee Olga

Tracee Olga

Nairobi, Kenya
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