How I Vote Poem by Randy McClave

How I Vote

If you don't vote the way that I do
I won't ignore or delete you,
I won't mock or taunt you either
And I won't spread falsehoods neither.
If you don't like my candidate
I won't ridicule or mock you or hate,
And I won't bully or call you names
As if we were playing silly childhood games.
If you don't like who I am standing for
Then please don't listen to me anymore,
I'm not forcing you to look or read or hear
I'm not a seer.
I support who I truly believe in
And I don't support any type of sin,
And I don't listen to rumors, gossip or false acts
I believe in truth and justice and only facts.
When I vote, I vote with my Christian belief
I don't bare anger with wolves teeth,
So, be a bully or judgmental if you want
Laugh, cry or spit or even taunt.
If I don't vote the way that you vote
I won't laugh or cry or even nod my head or gloat,
But, this one fact I will admit
Years from now, I hope you can live with it.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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