How To Secretly Change The World Poem by William Waterway

How To Secretly Change The World

Yes, trust in making this living world a better place
as you share your journey and projects with open heart
only to discover – what is shown to you is false face
hidden beneath sinister selfish layers to discredit your part
so others may falsely shine with full pomp in public view
to present to the world their brilliance of doing something new
while deep inside their twisted minds they know - they know
they stole your idea to help heal the world so life may grow

however, as you quietly sit and contemplate this conundrum
a flash from beyond the ether sends a soothing meditation
yes, your ideas are stolen by those close and whom you call friend
but yet, through your original inspiration based on love and caring
what you hoped for in the end, flowed into this world through sharing

so, as you reach beyond the pettiness of human frailties and ego
you discover something profound, something infinite, something new
you discover that the more you download prescient seminal information
and, the more you share with those who listen to what you say
the more they take and present it as though it is their creation

“hmmm”, says you while witnessing such human phenomenon
could many of the thoughts and ideas that help our human condition
flow from a source that sits quietly sending forth divine inspiration?
and, that those whose names we read in history, perhaps be thieves
who stole their ideas from someone they knew, but we know not?

And, so, the days do flow. As you sit in the realm of your creative cave
as those not connected to their soulful Source out of fear stay near
listening to your mindful meditations so they may take and run
and have the power of your beautiful flower to hold high in the sun
claiming for themselves to have manifested such beauty from within
as you sit and keep sharing more and more with knowing loving grin

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