Hunt A Poem? Poem by Denis Martindale

Hunt A Poem?

I hunt a poem now and then,
And Google points the way,
And there are even moments when
An image saves the day.
And Google has a site search there,
site: poemhunter d o t c o m
The poet's name helps Google share
And find where words came from...

And the Poemhunter website shares
The text and picture, too,
As if the answer to my prayers
For things I never knew.
And comments often share insights
Beyond their compliments
That help bless all the poet writes
And greets each one as friends.

Denis Martindale. April 2022.

Change the name to the poet you want to
find here on poemhunter or change that
word to quora. Poets share poems there
along with great feedback, plus useful
insights, and a few tricks and tips, too.

Saturday, September 17, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: poem
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