Hurt Again Poem by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

Hurt Again

Rating: 5.0

Last night I sat on my bed and wept,
My heart was so heavy,
I have been disappointed again,
Broken and hurt by the same person who said they wouldn’t
They have done it again and I am sitting alone crying

He wrote me very sweet words and I believed him,
When everybody told me not to, take him, back, I did
I, was so, hoping he has changed

He took, my heart this time and tore it apart
Then shredded it and pulverized it
I stood in the remnants of my once full heart
Crying hopelessly and helplessly
He didn’t even look at my face
He didn’t even say sorry.

He moved on as if nothing had happened
He said he loved me yet he did not love me enough not to hurt
He did not want to have his life in disarray but he could afford to waste mine away
He took me and slapped me in the face with all my love and care

I stood broken hearted crying and wailing hoping he will hear my pain
But he never did, he just walked away
Lord where is my justice?
Why does he have to get away for hurting me?
He has hurt me one time too many
Lord, see my salty bitter tears

Nothing I can do will ever take this pain away
I cry to you, lord avenge me, let not my enemies rejoice in my pain
Let them not gloat in my destruction
I cower away in my little corner called shame

I hate on myself over and over
I blame myself and curse yet I still feel no better
He hurt me so bad even though I loved him with all my heart
Tears roll down my cheeks burning my skin like acid with their bitterness
Love is not worth all this pain

I thought if I loved completely I would be happy
His love has been so much pain, heartache, disappointment after disappointment
I do not think real love exists.

He used my body for his sexual fantasies
He used my love to quench his lustful thirst
He has drained me dry, my bones are brittle and worn out
I sit alone feeling alone and tired,
No one human being should be allowed to make another feel this way

My Lord hear my cry, I have also sinned but lord do not turn your eyes away from me
Help me; you are the only one that can lift me from this hole that I am in
Light up my path that I may see again,
Bring the sunshine back into my life

Lord I lift my hand up to reach you
Touch me and carry me out of this valley
Take me to the mountain top were all my enemies will see your glorious works in me
They will see me smile again
They will see sunshine in my face and strength in my eyes
I will persevere with you lord
Touch me lord.


Full of emotion, descriptive poem. Loved the last stanza... putting your hope and trust in the Lord to see you through. Good write; D

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Ashraful Musaddeq 14 September 2008

A beautifully composed poem, but hurt is the core. I love it and 10. So emotional!

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Alice Affi 16 June 2008

I love the end. The emotions in this poem are really powerful. To be fulfilled you need more than just love, you need God.

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