Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga Poems

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Smile Woman Smile

Smile woman smile, smile baby smile.
You have been made with love and care.
Smile woman smile,
God smiled when he made you,

Falling Out Of Love

Every time I close my eyes I remember
I remember once upon a time when we used to be friends
When a hi would bring joy to each other's face and a bye tears to the eyes
Those where the good days

Hurt Again

Last night I sat on my bed and wept,
My heart was so heavy,
I have been disappointed again,
Broken and hurt by the same person who said they wouldn’t

Peaceful Melancholy

Along a dusty road with dried vegetation on each side
The tall grey trees with dust covered leaves stare
A dreary melancholy stare

I Love You

The way you look at me, it makes my heart melt
I looked into your eyes and my heart swelled with love
My chest is so tight, I can't breath
I never ever thought I would ever love another human being this way

I Prayed For You

i prayed for you
even when you despised me
i prayed for you
even though you hated me

My Mother And Me.

Oh dear mother, we have so much to say to each other yet none of us speaks,
We have so much time but little to say,
It hurts me to see you watching me go bad,
You watch hoping that you could live life for me,

I Am Afraid

I am afraid of myself,
afraid of opening up to show my true colours
i am afraid of myself
afraid to put myself out their and let loose

As The Sun Sets

I watch the sunset and all the stresses of the day melt away
I feel an untold peace and serenity

All the chaotic thoughts give way to peaceful thoughts

To My Son [daughter]

I never saw you
I never touched your soft skin
I never felt you
I never looked into your eyes

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