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We each are on a journey
Each journey has a path
As we travel to our futures
We carry the knowledge of our pasts.

When all friends are out of reach
I look up for solace
from my solitude
And I find the Almighty's presence

As a tangled catastrophy
Of ill-fitted notes
Tumble from me
I know You hear it


I envy the water
It has been from the beginning
It feeds life to keep the living living
It quenches and it satisfies

Rise up and seek the Lord
The sun shines blessings upon you
Through His Word

My Soul ascends to meet thee
I look down and through thine eyes I see
From here the will of thine heart is made clear

Give me a deep swimming pool
As vast as the ocean
Locked away in a private bathroom
Where I can disappear a while

Pour out my heart, O Lord
And see that it is as shards of glass
Fill me afresh with your Holy Spirit
Set my life apart to honour Your name

If only you could see
What's inside of me
I long to set it free

What have you done since your life begun?
Have you used what you've been given?
Are you aware of all the gifts God has given you?
Or are you just going to keep them hidden?

My hope is hope of mountains
And my fear fear of the wind
The wind may push things back a while
But the mountain remains unshook

For all who are shunned
Trapped in a well of confusion and fear
Where no hope or love is near
Only needs unmet

Anger, Bitterness, Hatred, Envy, Self-loathing, Inconfidence, Self-pity, Doubt, Meaninglessness, Fear, Ingratitude
These are my filthy stinking dregs
Contaminating defiled purity
This is the vessel I have to offer

I am the deep ocean sea
You will never reach my depth
Even when you sink down to death
You will never at my bottom rest

Reach up to feel You
Eyes birth into Your flood light
Your radiance pierces my pain
Smiling delight

For a brisk moment
Which felt like an eternity
You were you
And I was I

You will find Me in the stillness.
Where does that stillness lie?
Is it the lack of movement
Or the quietness at dusk when all else sleeps?

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Our Paths Cross Eternally

We each are on a journey
Each journey has a path
As we travel to our futures
We carry the knowledge of our pasts.

We each leave a trail behind us
Which twists and turns it so
And though alone we may feel small
As one we make one whole.

Our footprints are already left before us
As we take each one newly step-by-step
They were laid out ahead of us
Before our journeys begun.

For to The One there is no time before or after
There is only His will done
So we step in our own footprints
Where we have never stood our feet before.

We all look up to the holy Sun
And turning away from one another, all follow its shining light
Though we seem in different directions to travel
Our destination is the same.

For though our faces face not eachother
And our feet do run fleetingly depart
Our paths are ever crossing
As in our travels we hope in the Sun.

Yes, our paths are ever crossing
Each and every tiny one
For though we may feel alone and seperated
Our paths are all part of the one whole picture
A weaving painting of the Son.

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Jerry Hughes 10 November 2008

Alice, I don't normally comment on a 'first time' writers work, it can be intimdating. I'll make an exception in your case because I believe you have the potential to be a fine poet, so keep writing. Sincerly, Jerry

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