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My outlook on life is like so...

God give me the grace to accept and be content with my life

Give me the strength and dedication to change things for the good that i am able to change

For the things that i cant change, grant me the patience and wisdom to accept them as they are and to be content

Let me not compare myself to the next per ...

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02 February 2017

I forgive you not for you, but for me because hating you would be attaching too much importance to you

11 June 2018

There is one thing in life that i have learnt to be true. You can't control how people feel about or treat you but you can surely control how you react to them for that is the only true control that one has in this life.

14 November 2019

I have learnt one thing in this life, you can not control what people say or how they feel about you, the only thing that you sure have control over is how you react to what they say or feel about you.

14 November 2019

Do not give a reason for a person who treated you badly to excuse their behavior.

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Smile Woman Smile

Smile woman smile, smile baby smile.
You have been made with love and care.
Smile woman smile,
God smiled when he made you,
Smile baby smile,
He took all the emotion and love he had and put it in you
Smile woman smile,
He created you to share the gift of creation with him,
Smile baby smile,
He made you sensitive, emotional, gentle, kind, loving, thoughtful and self sacrificing,
Smile woman smile,
The angels ululated and rejoiced when they saw what a wonderful creation woman was,
Smile baby smile
He put in you the natural motherly instinct; he knows with you around there will be enough love to go around,
Enough empathy and care to go around.
You are special because you have been made soft yet strong.
In times of pain, you sooth.
When there is sickness you care,
You are the glue that sticks a family together and a pillar of the community.
How great you are. How wonderful and blessed you are.
Smile woman smile,
Smile baby smile.

elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

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Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga Popularity

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