I Am A Murderer Poem by Abdul Wahab

I Am A Murderer

And this sentence is not used first time in poetry
So don't be too moralistic
And charge me for being unethical or unpoetic
Listen to me with patience, please
One day I was watching crime petrol
A popular programme on a popular TV
And glued to the fact that how children are kidnapped
And sold to a woman who happened to be
An owner of a house of child shelter,
Later she sends the children to powerful politicians
After misusing them sexually
They either cut the children into pieces
Or strangulated them until death
And throw them under dark in gutters
Or pack them in sacks
And dump them near piles of dirt
One after another cases were being reported in the city
Police did not have any clue
And I was getting angry
Police catch hold a man
A suspect of this heinous crime
The relative of a business tycoon
He got a minister to threaten the police in return
For being interrogated without sufficient proof
Now my anger rises up to the cloud level
Blood is boiling
I feel lack of oxygen to breath
The cause of my anger is not that the children were
Personally someone of us
But for the reason that the perpetrators
Once on a stage showed their great patriotism
By worshipping this mother land
And abused and threatened those who do not worship
Mother land like them
Here I find one thing
Criminals are more aggressive in showing
the act of false, fake patriotism
Than the normal and honest people of this land
Perhaps a mosquito does not like this view of mine
And secretly sits on my neck
But before it cuts me
Just in one slap I kill the mosquito
I think I should have driven it away
rather than to kill it and become a murderer.

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