>≫≫Whom Do I Belong To? Poem by Abdul Wahab

>≫≫Whom Do I Belong To?

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Sometimes I wonder
If there is a better species than me
But I found after so much search and hard work
Human being is the supreme
Whom I belong to……..

Then how I could do the deeds
Which can be done by the lower species.
I have the great responsibility and duty
To uplift the human dignity
As I belong to the same community.

How could I believe in those ideas
Where my humanism is wishfully lowered?
I could not bow down to any thing, to any one
The planets, the stars, the moon and the sun
All are suppose to serve the purpose of mine

I have the intellect
I have the language
I have the dream
All are the entities…supreme
So I belong to……..
Super human being.

To believe in this
Fits the things
Makes me high
Puts me on top
Explain the idea of humanism best
No other things than the human being is the greatest.
Whom I belong to….
So whom does God make his friend other than me?
For all these super speciality
I am the supreme
I belong to ….
Super human being.

Ludicrous Angel 08 February 2012

wonderful. awe-inspiring if asked by me. genuinely deep and i hope it inspired people down in the dumps. good work! ! A*

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Mark Tachi 08 March 2012

This is very true! and I guess it reminds people what we can do and what we're doing! it's true when they say 'with great power, comes great responsibilty'..nice poem man!

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Md Mollick 28 February 2012

A very good poem. I like it so much.

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 12 February 2012

The real Human is humble and kind to all creations. We all have a place in this world and nobody is better then the other. Keep up with your search.

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Heather Wilkins 15 July 2013

a great poem by a great poet.

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Chinedu Dike 13 March 2022

Powerful rendition of words, a masterful creation exquisitely crafted with conviction. Remain enriched.

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Mountain Man 01 June 2018

Whom Do I Belong To? a vry good poem

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Writers Fall Sin 07 July 2014

Fascinating. I have read many of your poems and I must say I am very impressed with the careful use of words and the whole of describing.. Just great.

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The well written poem and poet's opinion is a self motivation and it pertains to humans and humanity and our obligation to the society. This is a very motivating poem and its value is immense in a society of different conflicts where human beings are dragged to in knowing or unknowing circumstances.

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Wahab Abdul 24 July 2013

thank you Eric Cockrell for your comment

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