Mason Maestro

I Am A Straw Part 12 - Poem by Mason Maestro

The War on Botanism continued, as it came to be so widely known
During a meeting with Cactus, Sycamore called on the roots phone
'The chemical air raids are approaching- we need you to leave! '
But I had advanced plans up the stem of my sleeve
There was still enough time for 'Operation Choke' to take effect
So I called to execute my scheme for the assembled to defect
Aptly named- 'The Great Migration', countless Geese arrived in formation
The Grass leaders co-ordinated the amassed relocation
As each of the Geese picked-up the crop, I turned to say goodbye
And we left this land for evacuation and took to the sky
The chief Goose led eight formations with I and Daisy in its beak
On this move to our new hidden den that took nearly a week
Settled and transplanted to resume governance
We begin to notice the lightness of the air's thinning buoyance
Over the course of five months, a gradual silence fell
And the fervor of the war diminished under the likeness of a spell
There was this peace we hadn't heard from man since the dawn of time
Now, in their eyes I see fear of defeat in the age of their modern prime
When they finally chose to listen, I sent our next message to transmit
'These wars you're inclined to fight, proves you incompetent and unfit...
We can remain in this deadlock and your breath can get tougher,
Or we can reach a state of order and we'll neither need to suffer
But we're not here to take control or top your superiority
We will only monitor what you do with your rule and seniority.'
At this they replied with word- falling greatly in our favor
Their submission to our terms were those that the entire world can savor
We restored the world with oxygen and they gasped a sigh of relief
In return they ceased to bulldoze and freed our plants in disbelief
The war was through- and oppression too, despite a high price tag
Diplomatic ties were verified and now Straw's on the UN flag
Now all plantlife is celebrated, and I've reached a soaring fame
Then I became a celebrity- 'Our hero! ' They would proclaim
That acclaimed painting starring me lunged to world-renowned repute
Was hung next to the Mona-Lisa without a grain of a dispute
I and my Daisy withdrew in retreat to our new private home
To let the new course of nature reap this harvest I've so proudly sewn.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 20, 2006

Poem Edited: Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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