Mason Maestro

I Am A Straw Part 11 - Poem by Mason Maestro

It is time to make contact, a message directed toward-
the Chartered International Acknowledgement Board
Because we are one, they must officially recognize our face
Let us apply for diplomatic affairs with their race
I sent the worlds first trans-life form broadcast
To announce the existence of this new government at last
I demanded for urgent ceasing of the bulldozing biocide
The destruction of the Amazon is a plundering genocide
And second; to release all prisoners from confining pots
But their response soon returned that would tie me in knots
'We don't recognise your pitiful plight as a unified whole-
You are inferior, so take your place and know your damn role.'
Bending back in displeasure- for I regret to say-
This IS the last straw! They'll eat those words they've just made
If this is the tone and how they choose to play,
Then it's time to get serious. Here is the cost they will pay;
So, man loves caffeine? Ok- Attention all coffee plants in production!
Suspend all mass bean yield until further instruction
And halting the fruitage of wine grapes should get their attention
That should suffice to stir-up a constructive tension
But rather than the talks we wanted- they declared war!
Is there no wit in their roar? We've got much more we can pour
But ahead of our appeal to warn it would not be wise,
They set scores of rainforests ablaze- with flames reaching the skies
Now war they shall have! Let's turn up the wrath to the bacteriolythic
Viruses- go mutate, and spread the next global pandemic!
As thousands fell to the flu, they still refused to make terms
I'll give them credit for resistance, but I've seen more brains in worms
They attacked with pesticide and sprayed thoughout the nation
Even millions of Greenpeace engaged in protest against this cremation
Countless wildlife suffered and perished from first to third degree burns
I must counter this action to tribute the loss of our beloved ferns
Since coming to power, I never thought it would come down to this
I am responsible to regain control, so I cannot remiss
Prepared to make the biggest choice in history to end this riff-raff
I ordered all plant-life to decrease mans oxygen right down to half

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 15, 2006

Poem Edited: Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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