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I Am Dying - Poem by Kat Smith

I am tired

I am tired like wild animal tired

I am feral human, undomesticated illness

I am tired

I am sleep though the day and night only to wake up tired kind of tired

I am hair tear out teeth grind eye roll at humanity type of tired

I am done

I am recklessly over so very unapologetically finished

I am flip the game board scream at old friends type of done

I am done

I am stare off into short distance just to see how long it would take me to get officially away from this place

I am that walk across the fucking country and turn back around and walk back Forrest Gump listless type of done

I am sick

I am an entire hospital during an epidemic kind of sick

I am two hour life time type of sick

I am terminally insane

I am sick

I am bone break life take sick
And I am scared

I am that rocking back and forth murmuring to myself insane asylum movie type of scared

I am that manic four not five times scared

I am the type of scared people have scientific names for

I am scared

I am screaming my way through busy streets and having breakdowns where ever and whenever the cracks start to show type of scared

I am the type of scared you stare at and write a shaky diary entry about

I am angry

I am that throwing classroom desks against smart board screaming at strangers type of angry

I am that fist though window drink another mans blood just to taste it angry

I am angry

I am that hold god accountable put every angel in the chorus on trial type of angry

I am Liam nesson in Paris and batman in arckham city

I am a riot in Times Square and a domestic disturbance at the neighbor’s house

I am every type of angry

I am vengeful and uncontrollable

I am they type of angry you have to imagine that Mother Nature is
at god when she sends a tornado at a church

I am violent

I am Floyd may weather title fight in heavy weight championship violent

I am Quinten Terrantino daydream type violent

I am kill bill restaurant scene violent

I am a blood bath

I am violent

I am force of nature violent

I am taking towns with me violent

I am the type of violent you move out of the way for because I will not be stopped

I am dying

I am dying like a white sun dying

I am dying like supernova that sets off a civilization type of dying

I am big bang dying

I am catastrophically dying

I am dying

I am dying

Topic(s) of this poem: dying, personification

Poet's Notes about The Poem

like I said, I've spent a lot of time on these 'I am''s

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