Eben S J

I Am Not Good Enough - Poem by Eben S J

They all scream or shout
They all want out
Its all up to you
What the hell am i gonna do

As my mind begins to race
Evil thoughts start to chase
I can't think anymore
As I sink to the floor

Forget them all
Who cares what they think
I may not be as perfect as you
But I can try or die trying

I lose sight of the thing I want most
And now I am nothing but a ghost
The thing I want so much
Has made me so out of touch

They ask me questions to which I just cant reply
All i want to do is curl up and die
So screwed up and so alone
All people seem to do is argue and moan

I've tried everything
I can think of
To satisfy you
But my best is not enough

People ask if I do this for attention
A few stray words is all they care to mention
They are so care free
Being happy that their not me

As they continue to bleed me dry
All i can think of is how close they get to making me cry
So carry on ignoring me
I can never be the same as I used to be

My pitiful existence
Will put up no resistance
Carry on destroying the little I have left
Whilst I struggle to take my last breathe

It's all over now Im dead for sure
I can't take this anymore
So once and for all
I take my final fall

As the ground speeds up to meet me
I say hello to the devil
As I pass him by
Goodbye everyone who was too good for me

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 19, 2008

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