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I Am Visited By An Editor And A Poet

Rating: 2.8

I had just won $115 from the headshakers and
was naked upon my bed
listening to an opera by one of the Italians
and had just gotten rid of a very loose lady
when there was a knock upon the wood,
and since the cops had just raided a month or so ago,
I screamed out rather on edge—
who the hell is it? what you want, man?
I’m your publisher! somebody screamed back,
and I hollered, I don’t have a publisher,

try the place next door, and he screamed back,
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Jim Christ 21 July 2018

so that was john martin his publisher with some poet in tow. the poet never changed Buks words after he croaked but that john martin his publisher sure did. posthumous rape of a literary picasso or rembrandt who painted one of a kind beats and phrases. of The Black Sparrow Press; your legacy is vandalism for all times.

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Mark Arvizu 30 September 2015

Slaughterhouses on Bandini Blvd.... Hold your breath and drive as fast as you can through there.

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James Champion 06 October 2011

Never apologize for a beard...

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