I Broke A Heart.. Poem by jahanvi .......................

I Broke A Heart..

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i broke a heart which was so dear
a heart dat loved me passionately
i broke a promise which was meant 2 be kept
a promise dat was lyf
i broke d trust of the one who cared
a trust of hope and believe
i broke the confidence of d person who confided in me
a confidence dat i would never betray
tears flow from d eyes which used 2 smile
and i became d reason for these tears
it's not easy to settle everything back
but its dreadfully difficult to see d pain in d eyes which rested upon me
i won't say 2 forgive me
but punish me coz d silence kills me from inside
i promise 2 never break ur heart again
coz it breaks me apart.
all i wanna say is 'I'M SORRY '

Aishwarya Tandon 19 July 2009

its really nice, u've written it at one go, commendable effort

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V P Mahur 11 February 2014

this poem reveals some real feelings

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Adeline Foster 19 October 2012

Please Note: There is no such word in English as 'dat'. It is merely a poorly spoken word for 'that'. It would enhance your poem greatly were you to change all 'dat's to 'that'. Otherwise this is a good effort. Adeline

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Viji Cool 27 July 2009

gud one a flow of emotions is shown he's surely gona understand ur feelings.........

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Luwi Habte 22 July 2009

hey, this is also nice poem and a real feeling, u express it well appriciated job! Luwi

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Priyanka Bhowmick 19 July 2009

u r sorry..that's more than enough.. u don need to regret for that now.. he'll definitly understand that...just u need to expose ur feelings to him n everythin will be alright i loved this piece.. filled with immense feelings n emotions.. keep up the good work.

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