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Priyanka Bhowmick an amateur poet, homemaker and online freelance writer. She had been publishing her works in several online journals and ezines like Fried eye, Sketchbook, Haiku-it, A handful of Stones, Boloji, Cynic Mag, Vox Poetica, etc.

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A Tree

A tree, so sole,
yet so familiar with all,
gives shade under its branches,
an intimate friend,
a shelter for all.

Butified by its leaves,
so green and serene,
everyone loves it,
the matured tree.

A time of season,
the tree not more alive,
it's dead and decayed,
its leaves already dried.
No one looks at it,
for it not give shelter anymore,
'It's a cursed tree! ! ', say all,
it's being hated, therefore.

Spring is here! !
now new leaves going to bloom again,
the tree shall smile again,
its friends will approach it.

It's friends, those cursed it,
while it was decayed,
during its unfortunate days,
shall play with it again,
when see its happy days.

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Catrina Heart 11 July 2009

A Blade Framed At Birth Carouse - Cocaine metaphors Addictive to its sparkling magnetism Its crystalline simile plays like trumpet Resonates the alluring witty phrases Mastering euphoric blade – framed Dawn - A true poetess page ------- A person who has a passion on her craft. A true talent that soars high, a true poet who can write a poem in an instant, in a single snap of the mind....It runs through the veins and blooms in her page! Love Lots, Catrina Heart

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in my poem 'broken promises', it was my best chick friend who made me choose between her and my boyfriend...

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Ravindra Nadiya 29 May 2009

really good poem about which your title says.....

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