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Pen drive is your name
But you don’t look like
A pen in any way
There is not a single thing

Comes from the dark cloud
That makes a noise loud

Love is a joy
Higher than a mountain peak
Love is a sorrow
Deeper than an ocean streak

I see my parents and others
Walking, talking and doing
So many things and bothers
Why so helpless is my being

Two lovers
On the beach
Under the showers

The survival of man
Entirely depends on Nature
For, first came Nature
Then came man

When united is our youth
Every hurdle, every obstacle
Every path becomes smooth

Fish, colourful and swift
looks life a beautiful gift
Sometimes bold, sometimes shy
Sweeps quick as if wishes to fly

When this vast universe was being created
The earth felt zealous, enthusiastic and excited
She was not only thankful, grateful to the creator
But pleasantly proud of her unique treasure

You come into my eyes
Like a dream of angels
You drop from my eyelids
Like the leaves of orchids

How can I draw your picture
For you appear
On my heart’s screen
Creating variety of scene

A cuckoo
Living alone alien
In a tree in a marine
Ones had to leave

Often we talk of our rich culture
And ask the generations of future
To follow it with heart and soul
And to be proud of its trends all

I wait for the spring to come
To cherish my heart
I wait blossom to appear
To inspire my soul

Teenagers are quick
Very much enthusiastic
In every decision
They have a passion for

Love the spines for they tell
The life is full of painful yell
You have to tread upon rough
Path that is not always so well

You came again
Tip toed into my heart
You broke the promise
Not to make a dart

In this world of modernity
The worst curse is poverty
A poor often thought to be
A blur on the high society

Once I got a chance
Visiting a haunted place
An old, uncared villa
Didn’t look at a grace

I want God to come
And have a look
How by hook or by crook
His man

V P Mahur Biography

HOD/PGT English SKD Public School, Salempur, Bulandshahr(UP) I was born on April 16,1964 in Siyana, Bulandshahr (UP) in a poor family. I am the eldest of the five children of my parents. I completed my education upto Intermediate in village schools. after that I studied on private basis and done BA, MA(Hindi, English) and MBA. Only B.Ed. I done regularly. Presently I am living in a Small city Bulandshahr (UP) and working as a private tutor. And CBSE Schools as PGT English. I recognized my talent of writing poems at the age of 19. At first I wrote Hindi poems. Then a time came when I start writing Urdu Shayri. I have written many songs. I have also worked as an author of literary books and English Grammar books.I feel inner urge for writing and I never find myself tired of writing poems.)

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Why It Is Pen Drive

Pen drive is your name
But you don’t look like
A pen in any way
There is not a single thing
Yet they say
You are pen drive

Pen drive is your name
But you don’t look like
A driver from any angle
You can neither drive
A car nor a train
Let alone the plane

Tell me honestly
The logic
Behind your name
For owing to this name
You have got
A great fame

Oh! Wait a little
I think I can explain
The secret of your name
You write many records
Like a pen
And carry them at places
Like a driver
Yes, your name’s explanation
Is my latest invention
Did you like it?

V P Mahur Comments

Lovely Baby 14 March 2014

Respected Sir, I read your poems regularly and enjoy them very much. They are full of morality and seem to fight against the irregularities of society.

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Priyanka Singh 14 March 2014

Dear Sir, I always like your poems and the hidden message in them. Thanks for such nice poems.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 26 May 2020

I am wishing all the best to poet V P Mahur for his literary perseverance! May God bring happiness for him! BEST WISHES FROM: Poet Kumarmani Mahakul, Ranked #309 on date 23 May 2020, Saturday, Ranked # 320 on date 24 May 2020, Sunday, #334 on date 25 May 2020, Monday, and ranked #325 on date 26 May 2020, Tuesday, on top 500 poets of the world (As per the World Poetry Database Information)

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Sunil balyan??????? 25 April 2018

That was really awesome I know u 😄😄😄😄👍👌👌

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Kiran 17 November 2020

Mujhe CCT ka test bhej do

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Mehvish muneer 11 December 2020

Pen drive is useful thing

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Rinmi muinao 10 December 2020

He is a very good poetry

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Rinmi muinao 10 December 2020

He is a very good poetry

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Nidhi 03 December 2020

He is very good poerty

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Manoj 28 November 2020

He is very good poetry

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V P Mahur Quotes

Eyes lifted to the sky can never look at earth.

Ideas swallow up the idleness out of which they arise.

A burrowing creature can't learn How to prepare his wings to fly

Aim of life must be winning of humanity over inhumanity.

New thoughts arise from a creative mind.

whatever you do is just the attribute to your thoughts

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V P Mahur Popularity

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