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HOD/PGT English SKD Public School, Salempur, Bulandshahr(UP)
I was born on April 16,1964 in Siyana, Bulandshahr (UP) in a poor family. I am the eldest of the five children of my parents. I completed my education upto Intermediate in village schools. after that I studied on private basis and done BA, MA(Hindi, English) and MBA. Only B.Ed. I done regularly. Presently I am living in a Small city Bulandshahr (UP) and working as a private tutor. And CBSE Schools as PGT English.
I recognized my talent of writing poems at the age of 19. At first I wrote Hindi poems. Then a time came when I start writing Urdu Shayri. I have written many songs. I have also worked as an author of literary books and English Grammar books.I feel inner urge for writing and I never find myself tired of writing poems.

The Best Poem Of V P Mahur

Why It Is Pen Drive

Pen drive is your name
But you don’t look like
A pen in any way
There is not a single thing
Yet they say
You are pen drive

Pen drive is your name
But you don’t look like
A driver from any angle
You can neither drive
A car nor a train
Let alone the plane

Tell me honestly
The logic
Behind your name
For owing to this name
You have got
A great fame

Oh! Wait a little
I think I can explain
The secret of your name
You write many records
Like a pen
And carry them at places
Like a driver
Yes, your name’s explanation
Is my latest invention
Did you like it?

V P Mahur Comments

Lovely Baby 14 March 2014

Respected Sir, I read your poems regularly and enjoy them very much. They are full of morality and seem to fight against the irregularities of society.

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Priyanka Singh 14 March 2014

Dear Sir, I always like your poems and the hidden message in them. Thanks for such nice poems.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 26 May 2020

I am wishing all the best to poet V P Mahur for his literary perseverance! May God bring happiness for him! BEST WISHES FROM: Poet Kumarmani Mahakul, Ranked #309 on date 23 May 2020, Saturday, Ranked # 320 on date 24 May 2020, Sunday, #334 on date 25 May 2020, Monday, and ranked #325 on date 26 May 2020, Tuesday, on top 500 poets of the world (As per the World Poetry Database Information)

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Keith Sifelani 10 June 2014

Reminds me of my early years

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Sunil balyan??????? 25 April 2018

That was really awesome I know u ??????????????

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Mehvish muneer 11 December 2020

Pen drive is useful thing

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Rinmi muinao 10 December 2020

He is a very good poetry

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Rinmi muinao 10 December 2020

He is a very good poetry

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Nidhi 03 December 2020

He is very good poerty

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Manoj 28 November 2020

He is very good poetry

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V P Mahur Quotes

Eyes lifted to the sky can never look at earth.

Ideas swallow up the idleness out of which they arise.

A burrowing creature can't learn How to prepare his wings to fly

Aim of life must be winning of humanity over inhumanity.

New thoughts arise from a creative mind.

whatever you do is just the attribute to your thoughts

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V P Mahur Popularity

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