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It seems that will never pass
The precious life we have
It seems that will never fade
The memories kept in mind

N.B Let the comment be one word and explanation to the poem
Because the poem is for one word


* It coasts nothing, but creates much.

* It enriches those who receive without impoverishing those who gave

HE is between two MAT, and my qualification is ICS who is me? ? ?

According to character

There are selfish bodies
Also there are kind babies

M agnificient dancer

I ncomparable singer

Watch as I have to look
Looking as I have to understand
Understanding as I have to accept
Accepting as I have to face

Dedicated to my father Habte Ghile

No one was to be the owner of my heart
But now a time it fails, I got a chief, perfect man rather than a president


While people walks to the right
Weirdo runs to the left side

While people inters in

I have no idea of it
Either it is tragedy or happy ending fit
Never have I been expecting before
After the tragedy God to create adore

Never to be down
Because our right will maintain

Never to be grieved

Dedicated to Betty (My best friend)

She is not me
But she knows what i want to be

The hideous
Was precious
And quite hilarious

The country of mine
Which is better than fine
Comfort to survive rich through the nature
Reliable life is there with a beautiful culture

Stay alive

Because you have to do
Not only for your kids

I am in you
As you are inside me

I am second half of you

Praise to the Lord!

While I was in sinned world idiotically
Far from Gods law ignominiously

You have a promise for unending life
So where should I go out of you Jesus?
This is my choice for ever
I can`t live far from your house dear

While I was overawe much
Couple of problems to come in batch
While I can see my mind to sprain
Distraction of my ideas and coming of my pain

You are the only one I know
The one whom I am expecting to take a bow
My prayer God not to damn you
But for your best, clearance of your sins too

Luwi Habte Biography

This is Luwam Ghile, (luwi habte) A poetess who tries her best to create ideas and make them flow as a sort of poems Each and every poem are dedicated to my family and my friends and the nature by it self Have a great reading time pals enjoy!)

The Best Poem Of Luwi Habte

I Love You

It seems that will never pass
The precious life we have
It seems that will never fade
The memories kept in mind

The king of my heart
You are hilarious, I bet!
Damn precious man
As you was my lovely fun

I would be in a good shape
If I were there inside
In the home we have at all
With the peace that I am waiting for

Don’t go away you know what you mean to me
My salvation also my beloved body
Stay blessed for the one who loves you
For the one for me, your daughter too

Love poem for father of mine,

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Eyan Desir 23 November 2009

For all seeds need water to grow When watered right They grow into a brillant plant... Keep growing Luwi We are sure you'll blossom into that brillant plant....

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Darren Westbrook 27 September 2009

hey my name is Darren Westbrook and i just want to say your poem is out standing no matter what keep god first and keep your head up and never give up. You look smart and you look beautful you write realy well if you dont mind can you check out mind. a blessing is comeing your way.

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Lovita Morang 22 July 2009

...who shall we say love me who can we show the bleeding tears beautiful earth - mother no one can be greater then her then who shall we cry for-grieve for if noone care you if we are surrounded by godliness why we not celebrate lonliness if noone loves you see everywhere everyone adores you so hail high sweet survival... your tell me mother is touching but never lose your heart if you can seen God my dear luwi... with love always from lovita J R Morang

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Chad Foster 17 May 2009

i love your poetry. its really down to earth. it gives me a sence of euphoria i guess you could say.

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p.a. noushad 24 March 2009

your poems are amazing and devastating.

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