I'D Surely Give My Pen Away

Were I to write of so called royalty and so called high achievers I'd surely give my pen away
For writers all around the World are writing of them every day
I'd rather write of the forgotten the battlers of the city slums
The people made poor by bureaucracy who survive on the left over crumbs

That are left when the covetous and money hungry have taken far more than their share
Whoever say that all in life is equal and whoever say that all in life is fair
Do not know what they are on about or do not know of inequality
Can one blame more than a billion people if they must live and die in poverty?

The gap between the haves and the have nots keep widening and only getting bigger every day
And the rich get richer whilst the poor keep getting poorer it seems such a sad thing to have to say
Though some say such is life and shrug their shoulders those who don't know or even far less care
Of what it feels like to go to bed hungry and have to live on the brink of despair.

I have no wish for to write of high achievers of movie star, tycoon or king or queen
For far too much has been written about them and far too many photos of them seen
I'd rather talk about the poor fringe dwellers the people who survive against the odds
I do not see them as any less worthy though they are the children of the lesser Gods.