I Do Not Know When Or Where You Will Come For Me Poem by Ludolf Dauphin

I Do Not Know When Or Where You Will Come For Me

Rating: 5.0

I do not know when or where you from
But you'll come for me,
and I would be here waiting,
so when you come,
you could teach me what true love is

I would treat you with respect
Return the love that which you deserved
I would not rush you nor trick you.

I would love and revere you like no other,
maybe even more than anyone person loving another
No less than forever, but not yet infinite

Even as the world filled with darkness and suffering
I would not cower in defeat as other men have
And look at others for my heart only you possessed

Just know,
not every day will be filled with laughter and joys
Some days we'll argue, even fight
And going as far as forgotten who we are

Still, don't hesitate,
with hair like daffodils,
stars almost as bright as your eyes
You would come for me

Sunday, September 30, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Bernard F. Asuncion 01 October 2018

Ludolf, such a lovely free verse.........10++++++++++++++++++

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