I Do Not Wish To Romanticize.... - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

there are some theories
for instance, that we shall only settle on the magical state
of our words, do not philosophize
do not restructure a world that we are in now,
do not disturb the political order
do not preach, papa, do not ever preach
do not be the church of any order

just feel the lyrics of the song
the beat of the agony

my hands rub your hands in my belly, feel that something in me that
is growing and hardening,

let the metaphors do the excitement
of that strong burst of emotions

do not justify,
that is not the intention of our words
there is nothing about repair or
just see the stars,

and feel the light of the moon on your cheeks
let someone touch you

do not ever think, but just savor the very moment
of carpe diems

in other words,
romanticize, romanticize, fantasize, nothing about
bread or butter, or wine or dessert
or red meat or corn
or wheat or

i am sorry,
it is not my cup of
tea to simply romanticize,
i want some reforms, and i want to make a difference.
i want words with weight,
like anchor like anvil like
steel bars, balls or stones,
scales, and stick and swords and

i want action, punishment and rewards,
and restructuring of buildings
reconnecting bridges or sinking ships
and finding treasures.

i need a map, and i need you.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 12, 2012

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