I Don'T Want To Leave You Guys Poem by yabadabadoo

I Don'T Want To Leave You Guys

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'I don't want to leave you guys.'
Words uttered in pain.
In tears,
In silence.
Words that bind out love.
Five sniffling girls
Truthful with each other
Will stay together for eternity.
Bloody arms and all we will be holding hands in the end.
Grasping for each other,
While gasping for air.
In the eyes of death we stand tall,
When one falls we all will catch you.
One mind,
One soul,
One heart
But five beats and five thoughts.
Secrets will be kept
And truths told.
Separate lives,
With separate thoughts.
A strange mix
Of dancers and singers,
Cutters and laughers.
Closer than family.
My eyes tell you all while my mouth stays shut.
I don't mind that you know,
For you hold no grudges,
No harsh opinions,
We hide in each other's arms when we need to
But we also stand alone with our minds.
We cry until we laugh,
And laugh until we pee,
We pee until we are empty,
And we are empty until our love fills us,
And again we cry.
Without you,
I do deeds i regret but when I see your faces
All is well.
Without you
My life is blank.
Because the links we hold,
Years old,
Let me trust you.
No panicking to cover my arm,
No being cold because you will hug me,
No Burning in Hell alone because you will be right there
Burning in the flames beside me.
So I need you to know,
I don't want to leave you guys.

Kelso 08 December 2008

awwww! ! ! ! ! ! i frickin' love you holly! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! TO THE MOON AND BACK! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! love always and forever, Lenny <3

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Hyde 08 December 2008

o! ! ! i love you soooooo much holly! with my little heart! luv u always, reilly

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