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When fear lurks,
The shadows come to life,
Dancing demons,
Swaying to and fro.


Each dropp is a crying child,
A beaten woman,
I grin when i see the deep red,
I cry when i think of what i have done to myself.

Each night before i fall into the depths of sleep,
I pray,
Not to God,
Not for health.

And when i fall into his gaze,
Down i look, scared into a daze,
Anyone who knows me knows,
My heart belongs wherever he goes.

The blade softly touches my skin,
Just a slight prick and all is lost.
It slides away leaving a gap in both my skin and heart.
Inside of my blood I release my pain.

My love is so strong,
For me to live,
You must be happy.
When you smile with her part of me smiles,

'I don't want to leave you guys.'
Words uttered in pain.
In tears,
In silence.

Your confused face disgusts me.
Red eyes,
Messed hair,
Your long pale body

I'm sorry,
I'm sorry for letting you down,
Crushing your dreams,
Not being all you hoped for.

When i am released from this body,
I want my friends to have it.
And i want them to know
They are the only reason i stayed alive for so long.

I'm sorry that I finally gave up,
But you see,
I hated life!
Nothing appealed any more

The blood flows like never before,
But this time its not from my wrists,
Its different blood
Its from the part of me I have dedicated to you.

My Ipod play's loudly,
I torture myself by listing to songs of love.
I tug at my hair,
But concentration is no longer a possibility.


From nothing this powerful love became,
But when i watch you watch her I die.
When i look in your eyes i feel my pain,
So many tears for you each night i cry.

Hope is forgotten,
And love is lost
Cheeks are sodden,
And feelings are sold at any cost.

I sit in the car,
Burning with coldness.

She stands in a room,
A bright room,
Filled with bright girls,
Happy girls,


How can one person have such a hold on me?
If i had the key i would gladly unlock the chains keeping me to him,

Never have i cried a happy tear for him,

I am not change,
Nor am i fear.

I am not a sinnless soul,


I am a whisper of wind,
A floating leaf,
A lonely tree,
A bucket of rain.

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Fear Lurks

When fear lurks,
The shadows come to life,
Dancing demons,
Swaying to and fro.

When fear lurks,
It slithers around unseen,
Whispering lies in my ears,
Its voice like nails on a chalkboard.

Sharp needles poke my neck,
My hair stands on end,
As if reaching for safety that is nowhere to be found,
And a thousand shocks echo through my body.

When fear lurks,
It will always find you,
You can never run from yourself,
Your own mind will hunt you for eternity.

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