Hyde Poems

i imagine us hand in hand
walking on the beach, and lying on the sand
or swimming in a river, our hair wet
my heart, forever in your debt

Since the day you left me
my heart burns with your tainted fire.
Tears caused by dreamy memories fall each night
reflecting on when you still yearned for my desire.

my past it brings me nightmares
when i am alone in the dark.
but everyday i must face them
whenever i enter a car.

the snow falls, and i am here alone
on my own accord of course.
cause if i was with you, would you sit and watch
as i slashed blindly at my battered wrists?

If I were a crayon, then for you I’d draw,
A glowing sun amid a pool of tears,
And shine it will against all straining laws,
There to defeat and lick your countless fears.


The glee filled cackle of a true friend.
Coverup coughs in a room of silence.
Roaring wind as it passes you by as you race down a grassy slope.
Chattering streams on their way to the big water.

In the land of departed souls
in gray and blue all images take form.
Phantoms linger near their graves
watching mother’s hearts get torn.

a cloud of burning love blows by
my mushroom eyes.
a dream? not a chance
for i felt it brush against my pants.

When Fear defeats me
hanging coats
evolve into none other
than grim reaper himself.

please splash me with cold water,
for i just can’t believe my mind.
i see the sheen of your hair
and the sparkle in your eyes.

i love you dad.
but if only you could read this.
then you’d understand my pain.
you left me, you left me there alone.


would it matter?
if i took my life right now.
not without pain of course.
first i’ll tear my tongue in two, so i can cease my endless lies.

i feel so sick inside,
it makes me want to die.

i need to know you want this,

last year, i stayed a week with you.
i thought you’d change, but i guess i was wrong.
drugs and drinks are still the only things on your mind.
all that time i thought of you as someone that does not exist.


Red flames skip across butterfly wings.
Orange waves crash onto abandoned beaches.

Peeling Power
Uncovers Evil.

Betraying Blood

come one come all, and see the freak.
it has no soul, no heart, no cheek.

bring you mothers and your fathers.

Fluorescent lights drone rehearsed songs of comfort,
and yet this hall feels dangerous.
Footsteps stutter past my shadow.
Your face appears before my own,

I am not a brass trumpet
blaring loud and clear
so people will turn and notice me.

The Best Poem Of Hyde

Pointless Dreaming

i imagine us hand in hand
walking on the beach, and lying on the sand
or swimming in a river, our hair wet
my heart, forever in your debt
sometimes, i see us snuggled up under the covers
watching scary movies involving young lovers

i see this, even though you don’t hold me in your arms
and time still goes on
even though you don’t whisper in my ear
in my dreams you are near
i know i look like poo, without a line of black around my eyes
so my hope, is that you can see past, to where my inner soul lies

i know i’m not the greatest thing on the planet
but i think if we tried, we could sing like Brad and Janet
we could sing into the night, beneath the stars
our light being, glowing fireflies in jars
my head on your shoulder
my hands in your pockets as the night becomes colder

but maybe that’s not what you envision
maybe you’ll read this and think it a derision
a foolish mirage that won’t come true
because there is another you secretly woo
and if that is the case
please shut down this dream i trace

but until that dreaded day...
in my heart you’ll stay.

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