I Know Your Pain...

I know your pain in your heart
Why do you want to hide from me?
Your life is something I care for it
When your heart is full of pain
Then my tears roll down my cheeks
Because I love you so much
I have to keep on writing to you
then I will not loose you
I have to dream about you everyday because
I know reality will kill me with tears
Nothing is rich in this world when I have you
The journey of life must be lead without fear
Sometime it ends as alone and nothing to worry
But when you are lonely then think of me
I will bury your sorrows and make you happy.

Carla Raven 05 December 2004

hello...hopefully you will read my comment..i was hoping that i could use you for an anthology that im doing for school..i would really hope to use your poem..if you would allow me to use your poem i would need to have some information about yourself...if you could tell about your writings..where you live, ethnicity, general stuff like that..i would greatly appreciate it.. thank you!

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