I'll Always Remember Poem by Bill Wright

I'll Always Remember

I'll always remember
Our walks up the Braes
A regular feature
Of all those Sundays
The Bonnie Wee Well
A nice place to stop
With ice chilling water
And big metal cup

The Gallowhill prefabs
Second to none
A thriving community
Of laughter and fun
The streets were our playground
And so was the park
Barshaw was our Mecca
We were quick off the mark

Boating lake, putting green
Playground and all
Plenty of places
To run trip and fall
Summer and winter
The fun didn't stop
And when the snow fell
We would sledge till we drop

I'll always remember
The memory's so fine
The day Saints won the cup
Back in April fifty-nine
Fifteen thousand people
Turned out so they say
To welcome the boys home
To County Square that day

I'll always remember
Hallowe'en, dressing up
Us all doing a turn
To amuse the grown-ups
Monkey nuts, pomegranates
Oranges and all
Your bag was fair swelling
We all had a ball

I'll always remember
My wee Mammy's food,
Steak pie with links
And that gravy so good
And who could forget
I've never had since
Anything to equal
Her tatties and mince

I'll always remember
Those big shoogly trams
Glasgow still had some
When Paisley's last ran
Those rock hard seats
With the big folding back
Which the clippie flipped over
At the end of the track

I'll always remember
The thrill of the week
When the big ginger lorry
Came round to our street
American cream soda
Limeade, ginger beer
The ginger man's lorry
No more do you hear

The coal man's motor
Has suffered the same fate
No more of the black stuff
To put in your grate
We've all central heating
No need to look glum
But I still sometimes miss
A real fire and lum

I'll always remember
The thrills and the fun
Of Paisley's big ice rink
When the music began
Each Saturday morning
A crowd of us would go
To skate to the records
Some fast and some slow

Many a young romance
Some lasting for life
Would start with a bump
And a fall on the ice
Brush yourself down
Then have a good laugh
As you both shared a coke
In the wee Ice Rink caff

I'll always remember
One and six, one and nines
The La Scala cinema
Where we had a good time
The flicks were big business
Few now still survive
But those days in Paisley
We could choose from five

I'll always remember
From days now long gone
The White City Speedway
As the bikes pelted on
The smell of the engines
The oil and the grease
As the riders roared round
The crowd for to please

I'll always remember
Our wee Sunday School
And their annual day out
To the coast as a rule
Sausages rolls and sandwiches
Lots of races to run
The whole day would pass
Full of laughter and fun

I'll always remember
Where I have come from
The town I was raised
And where my heart still belongs
No matter how far
From Scotland I run
I will never forget
That I'm still Scotia's son.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: childhood ,fun,growing up,nostalgia,scotland
This is basically the story of my childhood in Paisley, Scotland. Some of the verses will mean nothing to others but might trigger similar memories for some. A couple of translations, 'ginger' is a generic name for fizzy drinks in Scotland and a 'lum' is a chimney.
Jim Hogg 13 May 2016

Lovely, Billy... stuffed foo o' nostalgia...

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