I'Ll Get One Tomorrow Poem by Ogden Nash

I'Ll Get One Tomorrow

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Barber, barber, come and get me;
Hairy torrents irk and fret me.
Hair and hair again appears;
And climbs like ivy round my ears.
Hair across my collar gambols;
Down my neck it wayward ambles.
Ever down it trip it tickles;
Yes, where it trips it tickles.
Barber dear I wish I knew;
Why i do not visit you.
Why I grudge the minutes ten;
In your smiling den.
Why I choose to choke on hair;
Rather than to mount your chair.
Men no busier than I;
Weekly to your office hie.
Men no busier than myself;
Confront the armory on your shelf;
Men no wealthier than me;
Gladly meet your modest fee.
And for a fraction of a dollar;
Keep the jungle off their collar.
I alone am shy and flustered;
Solitary, cowardly custard.
Shaggy as a prize angore;
Overrun with the creeping flora.
Barber, barber, you’re in luck;
The bell has rung, the hour has struck.
Sloth strong, the hair is strong;
I cannot stand it any long.
Barber, barber here I come;
Shake up the odorous bay rum.
Bring on your shears your scythes, your snippers;
Bring on your crisp electric driers.
Employ a dozen extra sweepers;
Bring giant harvesters and reapers.
I warn you a bumper crop;
Waits to overwhelm your shop.
Braber, barber, be verbose;
Be anything but clip me close.
Leave me razored, leave me scissored
Leave me hairless, as a lizard;
Barber, barber, single and scald;
Barber can’t you make me bald?
I will be the happiest of men;
And never think of you again.

ree kid 14 October 2020


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Charles 29 June 2018

As a child, I hated poetry. Yet, was often forced to choose and recite in grade school. Ogden Nash eased the anguish of having to recite. This poem was my introduction to the world of Ogden Nash.

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Santino 04 April 2018

I like it but maybe so more exciting things because it’s not really a good jam

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Croco Dopolis 16 April 2012

should be: Ever down it trips and trickles should be: Yes, and where it trips, it tickles should be: Shaggy as a prize Angora should be: Sloth is strong, but hair is stronger should be: I cannot stand it any longer should be: Bring on your crisp electric clippers should be: I warn you that a bumper crop should be: Barber, barber, be verbose; should be: Be anything, but clip it close should be: Barber, barber, singe and scald

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